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Maximal is back!

After taking a bit of time to get back to our roots of offering only our Maximal line of products we’ve expanded back into a full offering of 3000GT/Stealth and FRS/BRZ parts.

In the coming weeks we’ll be increasing our parts catalog and expanding our product lines.  If you need a part and don’t see it on our site, please let us know.

The site is completely functional but still a work in progress.  Please let us know if you notice any errors or anything out of place.

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Exhaust Post

The least restrictive NA Exhaust available on the market. The single bend and straight through design allows for the least restrictive flow possible from a full exhaust. Mild steel tubing and glass pack for a pre-muffler and a stainless steel canister muffler. The muffler has a silencer that is removable to allow you to decide how loud you want the exhaust. All hangers come mounted on the exhaust. Exhaust comes in 3 pieces…front section, glass pack, and the bend/muffler combination. Exhaust clamps, hardware, and gasket is included.

Fits all year non-turbo 3000GTs and Stealths.

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Let’s add another test post!

Now, you can go to the Widgets section after clicking the Appearance tab. Here, you can find two options – Recent Posts Widget (Fluid Image) and Recent Posts Widget (Thumbnail Image). The former one allows you to showcase your latest posts with big fluid images while the latter one allows posts showcase with some small thumbnails. You can choose one according to your website design.

Then, you can drag it to the ideal location within your Widget area. Here, you can decide a lot of settings to better showcase your recent posts, which are more or less the same as the settings for showing recent posts on homepage.

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When Mazda organized the Global MX-5 Cup series, it wanted to give grassroots racers with limited budgets a way to break into competition—without breaking the bank. The MX-5 Cup, based on the standard MX-5 Miata road car, was designed with cost in mind, coming in at a very reasonable (for a racecar) $53,000.

Some people might think that’s a lot for a Miata, but this latest one take from Matt Farah at The Smoking Tire proves the MX-5 Cup is totally worth the price.

In addition to the roll cage, the MX-5 Cup receives a race-ready suspension package, racing slicks, upgraded pads and rotors, and beefed up 3rd and 4th gear ratios designed specifically for heavy track use.

The engine is totally stock, and makes the exact same 155 horsepower as the street-legal MX-5—for cost savings, but also to ensure reliability through a full-on race.

Farah got the chance to compare the MX-5 Cup to its street-legal Miata RF sibling, and discovered just how much the race car’s suspension upgrades and sticky tires improve the Miata’s handling on track. Watch for yourself.